Caleb deGroot-Maggetti

Caleb deGroot-Maggetti is a talented musician with extensive experience in Jazz Piano and Celtic music on the Concertina, although he plays a wide range of styles on both instruments. He teaches piano to children and adults in a variety of styles, meeting the needs of his students. He is recognized in Kitchener/Waterloo as a busker at the Kitchener Farmer's Market where he plays concertina or percussion with his family band, Fiddle & Swing. Since then he began studying Community Music at Wilfrid Laurier University. He continued to perform locally with his family as well as with other students from Laurier at weddings, receptions, house parties, corporate events, concerts, as well as other venues and contexts. In 2017 he joined the Iron Tonic Jazz Band, with which he has performed at Swing Dance venues as far away as Ottawa, playing piano. Recordings of his music can be found below.